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PI Design gives you the power with six decades of tested research, countless data factors, and AI-driven recommendations.

You can produce efficient teams with PI Design’s three-step procedure.


Take the six-minute PI Behavior AssessmentTM to learn how you work best and how to influence your team.


Invite your employee to complete the examination to learn more about your team's overall strengths and weaknesses.


Determine where the team's goals and abilities run out of sync. Obtain pointers concerning how to bridge the gap and also advance toward success.

Transform any type of team into a high-performing group.

The ideal group for running a software startup is a terrible group for running a food facility, and vice versa. An inequality between a group’s behavioural design and its strategic goals can cause major issues.
Create teams based on data, not intuition. Stop wondering just how to help your teams get along as well as finish the job. With PI Style, the answer is clear.

We aren't utilising our strengths.

Examine the effects of your leadership style on the team’s various personalities and make changes as necessary to ensure that everyone is motivated to achieve.

We are talking over each other.

Discover each team member’s distinctive behavioural style to reveal a common language that will bring everyone together.

We have an issue with accountability.

Create a unique action plan with specific next actions to guide team members in increasing collaboration and communication.

We are sailing in the opposite direction.

Get a handle on the critical objectives of your team. Recognize the areas where your team will naturally thrive and those where you may need to employ assistance.


We're having difficulty analysing success.

Design makes collaboration measurable.Figure out exactly how cohesive you are, boost awareness, and accomplish your purposes.

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Want to know when you will prosper?
When the right people are doing the right jobs!

With PI Design, you can see the personality of your group as a whole in addition to the job that needs to be done. Obtain a customised activity strategy to ensure your success after examining how the two correspond.

Let us help you develop a far better work environment, one team at a time.

Talent optimization

Is a four-part organizational framework you can use to empower your people to carry out your business strategy—and achieve optimal results.

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