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A better culture comes from quality data.

Unlike most providers who collect information, PI Diagnose will enhance what counts most by gathering the appropriate data.

Promote employee involvement.

Send surveys with scientific backing.

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Obtain recommendations driven by AI.

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Create a stellar culture.

Run an employee engagement survey.

Failure to pull together the right people and build the right culture can lead to tension and unhappiness on a team or across the org. Even if you’re doing everything right, one bad hire or a crisis could hurt engagement

Pinpoint and fix budding problems. Identify what’s working and do more of it. With PI Diagnose, you control engagement.

PI Diagnose is built for every one!


Give your employees a voice by regularly gathering feedback so you can create a culture of responsibility, belonging, and trust.


Standardize your employee engagement programme on a single platform while tailoring each survey to the most urgent requirements of each team.


See all of your team's engagement-boosting actions in one place—no more running after follow-ups or long email chains.

The most successful businesses put their employees first.

Increase involvement with PI Diagnose rather than simply measuring it.

Find the issue and address it to retain your staff and create a culture that is best in class.

With short, simple pulse surveys, you can give your employees a voice and better understand their needs. Obtain prescription-level advice to boost engagement in a meaningful and lasting way. Monitor the overall engagement state of your business without having to spend hours on analysis.

What can you do to boost your engagement?

Using validated questions developed by a team of Industrial Organizational Psychologists, you can quickly build and deliver a survey. Measure and analyze every facet of employee engagement with accuracy.

Obtain insight rather than only data. View your position in relation to 25,000 industry standards for other businesses. Also keep in mind that we never divulge your personal information to anyone.

Get rid of the lengthy surveys. Five-question surveys that are effective in measuring engagement can reduce survey fatigue and boost response rates.

In only 3 easy actions,
increase engagement with Predictive Index.

Select a ready-made, approved survey template.

Choose a pulse survey made by our group of organisational psychologists with doctoral degrees.

Distribute simple pulse questionnaires to your staff.

Employers may provide anonymous feedback by using a simple and safe user interface.

Access real-time information to increase engagement.

See your results in real time, deeply understand your people, and pinpoint where you need to take action.

Talent optimization

Is a four-part organizational framework you can use to empower your people to carry out your business strategy—and achieve optimal results.

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